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Still more Lakeland blog-love (and some)…

Still more people are chiming in on Lakeland & the goings on there. Again, I don’t agree with all that’s written below – in fact, some I disagree with, but they are helpful perspectives to get a bigger picture of what’s happening:

My visit to Lakeland

When is a “Revival” Genuine?

Leaving Lakeland

Lakeland – real revival?

Does Todd Bentley have anything to do with Jesus?

Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Revival

There is much to take in, but I will let these speak for themselves: real people, honest thoughts, sincere emotions…seeking the truth.  Some have left the church entirely and are taking one last peak inside, some are in the middle of the excitement yet voicing concerns, some are sympathetic but have questions, and others are diametrically opposed.  Read, pray, listen.  Amen.


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As promised, BlogLove part 2: a lot on revival, plus some…

So, a number of folks I respect & admire in the blog world are finally researching, visiting, and reflecting upon the Lakeland Revival, and revivals in general.

For one, Adrian Warnock chimed in with his thoughtful piece, TODD BENTLEY AND THE LAKELAND FLORIDA ‘REVIVAL MEETINGS’. He has also been publishing Jesse Phillips series of detailed accounts from his visit, as Jesse has taken an indefinite hiatus from blog-world to work on a book. First is, WORSHIP AT THE LAKELAND FLORIDA REVIVAL MEETINGS, followed by WHAT IS HAPPENING IN LAKELAND FLORIDA?, then JESSE PHILLIPS REFLECTS ON THE LAKELAND FLORIDA REVIVAL MEETINGSMORE REFLECTIONS, with the FINAL THOUGHTS. Adrian is a part of New Frontiers International, and Jesse is a part of Sovereign Grace Ministries, but it’s easy to tell why the two are, by some, considered almost sister organizations. Now if C.J. Mahaney & Michael Fletcher would both chime in.

Others with interesting thoughts on Lakeland, Florida:
LAKELAND (before) and LAKELAND TRIP (after) by Reformed-TULIP-Charismatic Girl

In other loosely related news:
GOD TOLD ME – REALLY? by R.T. Kendall
An excellent 2 parter on one of my living spiritual heros, Sam Storms, at My Spiritual Journey Blog – ABOUT DR. SAM STORMS & MY INTERVIEW WITH DR. SAM STORMS.
SEARCHING FOR SIGNS by Aspirations, Brainwork, & Cognitive Content.

and lastly, an oldie but a goodie:
PICTURE OF A PROPHET by Leonard Ravenhill.

Now that those are all cleared away, I can return to writing original content again. So be it! Amen.

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Blog-Love: confessions and more…

There have been some excellent new blogs in the blogosphere as of late – so many that it’s been hard to keep up!

A great author, James K. A. Smith, whom I’ve learned much from in the past 2 or 3 years, recently wrote an articles that’s making it’s rounds on the web, entitled Confessions of a Pentecostal Calvinist. He also recently published Teaching a Calvinist to Dance in Christianity Today Magazine. Both are well worth reading. And look here – he has his own blog! Apparently he’s finishing up his new book, Thinking in Tongues: Elements of a Pentecostal Worldview. Add another one to my ‘to read’ list. Here’s an article from Smith which develops this idea.

Finally, one of the Christians I admire most has chimed with a very well balanced response to the ‘Lakeland Outpouring’. Terry Virgo, leader of New Frontiers International, has posted a two part blog-post entitled Lakeland, Florida, & aptly, Lakeland Florida (continued). Honestly, his is a solid ‘reformed charismatic’ – or even simply a solid evangelical – response. They are well worth reading.

On a somewhat lighter note, but not really, the Wittenburg Door posted this detailed expose on their neighborhood televangelist. I also found this stunning NBC documentary about the same televangelist.  As many of you will know, much of what I see there breaks my heart, as I’ve written on similar issues myself here in the recent past. As one who believes firmly in a miracle working God, I’m likely saddened by the frauds more than most.

As a bit of the old-school, I found this old article by David Wilkerson, referencing an even OLDER article from Azuza Street many moons ago – it’s called A Christless Pentecost. Wow.

And I’m not even to the end of all the goodies! I think I’ll have to post a Blog Love part 2 tomorrow just to keep up! Let’s hope!

May God’s blessings be evidence. Seek God, walk in the Spirit, and USE DISCERNMENT. So be it. I mean, Amen!

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Strange Fire – a great discussion…

I would just like to draw your attention to Dan Edelen’s thoughts on the Lakeland Revival. Yet another excellent, thought provoking response to the goings-on in Florida.

And you can read another opinion on THE FLORIDA REVIVAL at the Gospel-Driven Church.

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Mid-May Blog-love

There are some excellent resources available at Brent Detwiler’s online home.

I’ve also really been enjoying (and being challenged by) my recent visit’s to Andrew Strom’s online REVIVAL SCHOOL.

Ron Smith, a Reformed Vineyard Charismatic, recently posted his thoughts on the Gift of Prophecy.

I really enjoyed this post about Future Pastors the Church does not Need.

Lastly, Justin Taylor of Between Two Worlds posted The Most Crying Need in the Church Today.

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Friday Morning Blog Love

For those of you following my Reflections of Suffering & the Sovereignty of God, here is a powerful video called “Life without Limbs”, as well a a portion of an audio message by John Piper on suffering.

Also, surely of interest to nearly all of my readers, Cerulean Sanctum has been posting some challenging blogs on the gifts: THAT GIFT, & MORE ON CHARISMATIC GIFTS. As a double blessing of sorts, so has the Blue Fish Project: SPIRITUAL IS GOSPEL, & GIFTS FOR THE COMMON GOOD. I don’t necessarily agree with their every word, but there is indeed some meat there, and it’s content worth mulling over.

And it never hurts to be reminded of the Gospel, which is why Living the Cross-Centered Life is one of my favorite books of all time. Well 21st Century Reformation has given us a healthy reminder: JESUS IS THE CHRIST – THE GOSPEL PROPER.

Lastly, given how loosely Christian have been throwing around the word ‘Evangelical’ in recent years, it’s sure refreshing to hear that some truly ‘Evangelical’ believers are working to bring the church back to it’s center again. Tim Challies reports on THE EVANGELICAL MANIFESTO, and Between Two Worlds gives a good summary of it. All I can say is “it’s about time“.

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‘Just Keeping up with…’ the BlogLove

Some good stuff coming down the pipe-line this past week:

Ched Spellman of Says Simpleton wrote a GREAT reminder of the central truths of the Gospel in GOOD NEWS! You may be surprised by some of the goodies in there.

Also, the Internet Monk has been inspired by one of my personal favorite authors, N.T. Wright, to publish a multi-part blog on the afterlife. Prepare to be challenged, BIG-TIME! They are TOO MUCH HEAVEN?, HEAVEN AND EARTH, and HEAVEN AND EVANGELISM, followed by a fairly detailed review of what one will find in Wright’s newest book on the same subject, which I can already tell I mostly agree with. Add one more to my ever-growing ‘to read’ list!


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Reformed-Charismatic Bloglove for Late March

Wow…too much bloglove to even comment…read, quickly!

HOW TO LISTEN TO A SERMON from The Blazing Center

WHO IS THE KINGDOM FOR from The Gospel-Driven Church


THE BONDAGE OF GUIDANCE from Together for the Gospel

THE FAITH THAT ISN’T from Cerulean Sanctum


and lastly…

Audio & Video Messages from the Resurgence Conference: TEXT & CONTEXT

Blessings as you read!

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Belated Blog Love, and much of it…

Just cleaning house on some goodies…


Also Adrian directed everyone to the online lectures from New Frontiers’ conference in the USA.  I assure you that you will find much to challenge & encourage you there: NEW FRONTIERS CHURCH LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE.

2 excellent PDF’s of essays by Jesse Phillips: SUBSEQUENCE, & ARE THE SIGN GIFTS NECESSARY: A DEBATE.

An interesting essay by J.I. Packer on JOHN OWEN ON THE SPIRITUAL GIFTS.  I may not agree with it all, but it’s an interesting study, none-the-less.

In other New Frontiers news, Terry Virgo posted an excellent blog on KNOWING HIM AND KNOWING ABOUT HIM.

Lastly, C.J. Mahaney shares his favorite BOOKS ON THE PERSON AND WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

I think that catches me up…whew.

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Blog Love & an apology

I’m very sorry for my lack of ‘original’ blogging these past few weeks. Though I’m preparing a few ‘hum-dingers’ to post eventually, work’s been slow on this blog because…well…work’s been VERY FAST everywhere else. I promise some new content soon, but until then, it’s all blog love…enjoy:

First, Fundamentally Reformed posted an excellent piece on the Under-Appreciated Calvin. It is actually a commentary on John Calvin’s Theology at The Misadventures of Capt. Headknowledge.  Both are well worth reading.

Secondly, Grace Churches Internationals annual leader’s retreat is coming up in March. It’s called Feed the Well, and will most assuredly be worth attending.

Thirdly, speaking of GCI, don’t miss their new website, or the excellent sermon resource available on the front page: Establishing an Atmosphere of Grace.

And lastly, Worship God ’08 has their website up and running! I’m hoping to go myself, God-willing. Check it out for yourself:

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CLEANING HOUSE (Blog Love to finish out 2007)

There were so many great blogs in 2007 that it was hard to keep up with them all. Here are a few of blogs and even an article that may be of relevance to many of you:

Measuring Discernment & Criticism with Gospel & Charity by Rob Wilkerson

Slain in the Spirit: Biblical or non-Biblical from Emissary^7

Pentecostalism for the Exurbs: Joel Osteen’s God really wants you to dress well, stand up straight, and get a convenient parking space from The Slate


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