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Some days it strikes me as particularly strange…

Some days it strikes me as particularly strange that so many who claim to believe in a good wonder-working God, who – listening to them – apparently wants to shower us all with financial blessings and success, often tend to pray – or rather, beg and plead (or “cry out”?) – as though either God doesn’t really want to help and needed convincing, or is simply unable to do a thing apart from them personally “stirring up their faith”, as though He needed it like I need a cup of coffee in the morning. ¬†Just a note: if this is you, go on and say your God is a God of blessing and abundance all you want, but your actions betray you: it sounds to me as though you don’t trust Him, and trust IS faith.

Of course, it also strikes me as absolutely bizarre that there are also a great many who claim to worship and all-powerful, sovereign God – who recognize to the full extent the real miracle that is the salvation of lost sinners (it’s not as though God just sits there with open arms: we don’t want Him, and don’t know we need Him, apart from His miraculous work in us…) – who, in spite of the extent of His absolute sovereignty over everything, don’t expect much out of God at all.

Please tell me something is wrong here?

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  1. Tyler says:

    I got involved with the hyper-charismatic word of faith bunch back when I was a teenager and didn’t have enough discernment to get myself out of a paper bag. I goobled up Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Jesse Duplantis, Marilyn Hickey and many other hyper-charismatic word of faith ministers. I even attended Rhema for 3 years with an emphasis on missions and the longer I was in the “mecca” of the Word of Faith movement I could sense something was very wrong. The “spirit” that was moving was not jiving with me, it seemed all showy and backward and it seemed most of the focus was on the manifestations, not Jesus Christ. I still very much love my brothers and sisters in Christ that are involved with this type of doctrine and worldview. The main focus is Jesus Christ and Him crucified, not us wealthy, rich and livin’ it up for our selfish gain.

    Lord break us and mend us like only You can!


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