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the Holy Spirit told me to drop-kick you

I realize that God doesn’t always work in nice neat categories, and obey every rule that we may set out for him (that may be why I call myself a ‘charismatic’), however much of this is too much to take. I’m tempted to laugh, but some of it doesn’t strike me a very funny

Now, having watched that – and recognizing that it was edited (he didn’t say all of those things in a row, but each from from various sessions – seems he has a general tendency to hear violent commands from the Spirit, though), is there Biblical justification for these things. That is to say, if you heard a voice in your head ask you to drop-kick someone, does that sound like the Spirit of Christ that you encounter in His Word? Why or why not? Discuss.

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11 Responses

  1. wodadler says:

    Its only a natural progression then to justify tortue, or even death-This is No Holy Spirit but Satan mocking

  2. heatlight says:

    if i were one to see ‘satan’ under every rock and behind every bush, i’d agree, but as with most sin – if that’s what this is – it could easily be simply the flesh acting out. our minds can – at times – be almost as deceptive as our hearts.

  3. Eric says:

    You know, my knee jerk reaction was ‘this is ridiculous’, but as I listened I began to recall reading about a great man of God from nearly 100 years ago named Smith Wigglesworth who did things just like this with powerful healing results. Makes you wonder…

  4. heatlight says:

    wow – I am so very wary of Smith Wigglesworth that comparisons to him do little to ease my heart.

  5. Eric says:

    My grandma was in a service with Smith Wigglesworth back in the 20’s (my grandma was an evangelist in those days this is her eyewitness account). There was a lady with a large stomach tumor that was visually obvious to everyone who came forward to be prayed for. As Wigglesworth prayed for her, he gave her a hard ‘palm heel’ to the stomach which obviously sent her flying across the front of the church. When she stood back up her stomach was completely flat and she was healed.

    Wigglesworth was known to be very gruff at times with people. I’ve read a couple of his books and can find none of the nonesense that I’m hearing from Bentley. Wigglesworth was major focused on Jesus and bringing Him glory – not on an ‘angel’ named Emma sprinkling gold dust on everyone so they can get rich.

    Just my .02

  6. heatlight says:

    Are you sure she saw that for herself? I know that this exact account is reported in one of his books. Honestly, though I am ‘charismatic’, I am also a skeptic – I worked at a Science Research center for 4 years, and still follow modern discoveries and current research. I’m as likely to be reading Storms, Virgo, Mahaney, Grudem, & Piper, as I am John Polkinghorne & Alister McGrath’s work related to Science & Theology. That’s just to say, I know of so many faked miracles, and so many unverified and unverifiable ones, that unless I participate in the actual miracle (which has happened on rare occasion), know the character of the people directly reporting a miracle that happened to themselves (still then, preferably with pictures), or see the miracle medically verified and documented, it’s all just stories to me. I pray that the miracle listed above really happened, but it’s not getting put in my ‘builds my faith’ book quite yet. Too many times I’ve watched movies about supposed ‘moves of God’ and ‘incredible miracles’, to then later find that they were proven false, and discredited point by point. I hope you, at least to a degree, understand my skepticism. I’m glad Wigglesworth was focused on Jesus – that is VERY good news, indeed.

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  8. David says:

    Is this WWF wrestling and entertainment evangelism. This man needs to repent of his sins and turn to Christ. Jesus never healed this way to my knowledge. We need to be on our knees praying for a true Holy Spirit revival. I pray that sinners such as this will repent or God will take them out.

  9. Dan says:

    Just a thought that occured to me. IF you were healed by being “drop-kicked” or by being punched in the stomach or any other seemingly violent action from a terminal disease or a crippling chronic disorder, I don’t think you would mind quite HOW you got healed.

    I am a nurse in a children’s hospice and watch what I would call “death by inches”. These kids are dying slowly and daily. And I have to listen as paralysed teenage boys turn and ask me why this has happened to them, and why no girl will ever find them attractive. They would pay thousands to have psychics try and “heal” them. They are desperate. Nothing else faces them but death or even worse years of pain, endless pain.

    I’m not saying that the end always justifies the means. But if the results are healing then I know that I for one wouldn’t care if he head-butted me to chuck the demon/sickness/disease out.

    We’re cerebral beings – but we are dealing with supernatural things. Let’s not forget that Jesus spat in the dirt, made a paste and slapped it on a blind guy’s eye. What would we think of that?

  10. heatlight says:

    If I lived in Jesus day, nothing odd at all, since saliva was believed to have medicinal properties. That wouldn’t have been at all out of the norm, as weren’t any of Jesus’ miracles – what made then different is that they were genuine, verifiable, and consistent.

    That said, yes – I wouldn’t mind being drop-kicked if I were genuinely healed, but all of the clearest reports I’ve received all seem to say that healing is not actually happening in Lakeland. I’ll post this in a blog-love soon, but here’s one of the latest;

    I’m just waiting for the real thing.

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