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God should be praised…

We should always praise God for the outcome – no matter what it be – of God’s response to believing prayer, whether His response be what we desired, it’s opposite, or something else entirely. Discuss.

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  1. anchoredingrace says:

    When I read your post this morning I immediately thought of Habakkak. It is such a rich book of the Bible. Just a few points from it.

    Be diligent to be listening for the word of the Lord. Stand in the watch tower, believing in God’s power.
    Wait in Faith.
    The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.
    Take joy in the God of your salvation.
    The Lord is our strength.
    God will be glorified.

    We may not get our answer in prayer, but ultimately as Jesus intercedes for us, His Kingdom will be done and His will will be done. I often pray and then realize that I am praying for God to bless my kingdom, and I am not submitting to His kingdom. Jesus is not just our “ticket”. He is our destination. If we are praying in His Name for our will and we are seeking the world’s destination, we are misrepresenting Him. He is not just our means to obtain what the rest of the world is striving for, but He is to be our destination. We are to be fulfilled in Him! So yes glorify and praise God for all things!!

    He makes our feet like the deer’s;
    He makes us tread on high places.

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