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Blog Love & an apology

I’m very sorry for my lack of ‘original’ blogging these past few weeks. Though I’m preparing a few ‘hum-dingers’ to post eventually, work’s been slow on this blog because…well…work’s been VERY FAST everywhere else. I promise some new content soon, but until then, it’s all blog love…enjoy:

First, Fundamentally Reformed posted an excellent piece on the Under-Appreciated Calvin. It is actually a commentary on John Calvin’s Theology at The Misadventures of Capt. Headknowledge.  Both are well worth reading.

Secondly, Grace Churches Internationals annual leader’s retreat is coming up in March. It’s called Feed the Well, and will most assuredly be worth attending.

Thirdly, speaking of GCI, don’t miss their new website, or the excellent sermon resource available on the front page: Establishing an Atmosphere of Grace.

And lastly, Worship God ’08 has their website up and running! I’m hoping to go myself, God-willing. Check it out for yourself:

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CLEANING HOUSE (Blog Love to finish out 2007)

There were so many great blogs in 2007 that it was hard to keep up with them all. Here are a few of blogs and even an article that may be of relevance to many of you:

Measuring Discernment & Criticism with Gospel & Charity by Rob Wilkerson

Slain in the Spirit: Biblical or non-Biblical from Emissary^7

Pentecostalism for the Exurbs: Joel Osteen’s God really wants you to dress well, stand up straight, and get a convenient parking space from The Slate


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