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My cup runneth over: Blog Love

I’ve sadly not had an original idea, nor the time to develop one if I had it, lately, but that’s alright because everyone else has been oozing great blogs as of late! Here’s a little ‘blog love’ for Tuesday, November 13th, 2007…

Michael Spencer, over at the Internet Monk, has some excellent commentary on the forth-coming anti-God children’s movie, The Golden Compass.

Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds has posted his commentary on, and some well-worth-following links to, Mark Driscoll’s recent apology and comments on Humility.

Jesse Phillips at Resurgence has posted an incredible two-part response to TeamPyro on whether, Biblically, Prophecy is the same thing as Preaching, a common Reformed Cessationist argument, and if I might comment, a very flawed one. So, Is Prophecy the Same as Preaching (part 1)? I’m with Jesse on this – Prophecy is NOT the Same as Preaching (part 2).

and lastly, for your entertainment – and as a rebuttal to The Golden Compass – the latest update on the forth-coming PRINCE CASPIAN movie!

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