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Anyone having even a cursory understanding of the Bible, or having read a number of my recent posts such as the one posted HERE, or THIS ONE, or THIS OTHER ONE OVER HERE must surely understand why THIS is wrong on so many levels that I can hardly begin. But THIS puts the icing on the cake. I must honestly say that, even as a ‘Charismatic’, I can sincerely understand why so many desire to distance themselves from all things ‘Charismatic’. Disappointing.

God help us!

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2 Responses

  1. Hey Shannon,
    I’d reserve the judgment until AFTER the investigation.

  2. heatlight says:

    I would too, if similar investigations hadn’t already taken place with some of those ministries. The findings were not good. I hate to name names, but out of those being investigated, Hinn’s organization – for one – has been shown at the least very questionable – and possibly entirely corrupt – repeatedly in past investigations (this is just one such investigation, of many, but I suggest watching the video documentary – particularly the end: very revealing), and there is clear financial scandal, on top of the divorce, with the Whites. The others, yes – we’ll wait and see. Since false doctrine often leads to false practice, and given that the very core of Copeland & Dollar‘s teaching are base heresy, in direct conflict with any clear understanding of the Scripture, and 2000 years of church teaching on many issues, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if even worse were found there.

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