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Thoughts on Prayer

I was recently emailed an excellent essay by Duke theology student, and my old friend, Julie Dotterweich. So many aspects of what she had written struck me as so absolutely true – and rarely heard – that I felt it necessary to quote her. Please be encouraged and challenged by her words of wisdom…

“Every time we bend our knee to petition God for the healing of an ill, we open ourselves to a Person Who is neither managable nor fully known, and what is at stake in this exchange is nothing less than the integrity of our working theology and the endurance of our friendship with this God. When we petition God, our deepest beliefs about God’s goodness, God’s power, and God’s kingdom are laid bare. And when we petition God, the solidity of our frienship with this God is the very ground on which we tread.”

“How often when we pray do we remember: God is n ot safe. Like Aslan, God cannot be made to perform tricks at the flick of a wrist or the click of a rosary bead. ‘Our God is in the heavens, He does whatever He pleases.’ There is a wildness in God.”

“…how often are the ‘ends’ we beg for very well concieved, either? Our culture has seduced us into thinking that personal wealth, happiness, and general well-being is the chief end of man.”

Julie reminds me that we were created by and for God – not the other way around. Be humbled.

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  1. Benjamin says:

    This is the right direction. Prayer groups that study the scripture are also very beneficial.

    http://www.dspring.org‘s “Listen” tab has plenty or real sermons in it. I have searched quite a few churches before I found one that gets into scripture, moves along and doesn’t use idolatry. They are a church that isn’t focused on the collection plate and doesn’t even pass one around! It is a poor man’s church and that’s also what I like. They teach well and they don’t bother me with a collection plate. If you read up on the science of intention, you’ll find out that Christ and prayer are very real. Agape is the new law under the Grace of Jesus Christ.

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