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Strange things, these Christians…

Isn’t it strange that most Christians, especially churches, forgive fellow ‘believers’ and will often go to almost any end to cover their sin, especially when it involves breaking the law, and at the same time spend great energy condemning non-believers who are behaving exactly as their morality and conscience allow. It’s especially sad that God tells us to do exactly the opposite: to discipline those in sin who claim to be following Christ, and extend grace to those who haven’t yet met Jesus and begun to have their heart changed.  Watch who Jesus was harshest with – the Pharisees (religious folk), not the sinner.  Not only is it strange, it’s very sad that we have this so backwards.  The church would be a different place if we held ourselves and our brothers & sisters to the standard Jesus set for us, in grace of course, and in the meanwhile extended that forgiving, gospel-driven, hand to those whose hearts have not yet been changed.  THAT would be strange…and a refreshing change of pace.  Any day now, Lord…

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