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My ‘Theological’ Influences…

Not long ago someone asked me about the ‘details’ of my faith – a doctrinal statement of sorts – and it made me think about those who have inspired and influenced me in my understanding of the Scriptures. Though most of you know my ‘Reformed-Charismatic’ favs, there are many other authors far outside that framework who have shaped my faith significantly as well.  Here’s my list:

The Life of Jesus/Historical Jesus issues: N.T. Wright (though I disagree with him on his understanding of Paul’s theology, my New Testament understanding of Jesus is almost entirely in line with Wright’s).  Particularly of note are New Testament and the People of God and Jesus and the Victory of God.

The Creation Event/Old Testament:
John Sailhamer would pretty much sum up my entire take on the ‘Creation Story’ and the Old Testament as a whole.   I strongly suggest Pentateuch as Narrative – read the whole thing – cover to cover.

Philosophy/Apologetics/Worldview:  My philosophical views, which of course taint my reality and understanding of Scripture, are best reflected in the Radical Orthodoxy project and/or neo-Calvinism (closely related movements), best explained by James K.A. Smith, and – though not an RO proponent – my epistemological views line up fairly well with Alvin Plantinga.

Miracles: On the miraculous, I bank towards John Polkinhorne’s bottom-up approach (though I disagree with his leanings towards Open-Theism).

On the life of the mind & critical thinking: Mark Knoll & George Marsden

On the relationship between Science & Religion: Alister McGrath, Alister McGrath, Alister McGrath (that’s not a misprint – he’s the boss)…

Discipleship: Dallas Willard, Richard Foster, James Montgomery Boice, & Carl Wilson (With Christ in the School of Discipleship is a CLASSIC!)

Apart from that, my theology is a hybrid of authors such as John Piper, Sam Storms, C.J. Mahaney, Wayne Grudem, & J.I. Packer.

If you found any of those topics interesting, and would like a ‘suggested reading list’, just drop me a note sometime…

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