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Joel Osteen response

I hate to enter directly into blatant criticism of an individual and his beliefs, but thankfully in this case I don’t have to because so many I respect and admire have done such a good job of it themselves. Personally, I don’t intend this blog as an attack against his person: he may be a kind and moral man for all I know, but it is an unavoidable fact that his Bible teaching – or lack-thereof – is not Gospel-centered and taken by itself can lead no one to the Biblical Christ. Yes, he may actually believe the Gospel, but if so, why does he never teach it? It is pure health-wealth and works righteousness, otherwise known as ‘death’.
Become a Better You (book review) by Tim Challies

Sin and Sunday Morning by Bob Kauflin

Reactions to the ’60 Minutes’ Joel Osteen Piece by Michael Spencer

What’s wrong with Prospering? by Ben Witherington

Osteen Round-up 

Joel Osteen and the Glory Story – a collection of essays by Michael Horton
(for those who can find the time, though Horton’s is long, his is by far the most in-depth, and important of what I’ve posted here. I encourage you all to take your time in reading it)

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