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Why “Heat and Light”?

The first time I heard the words “Heat & Light” together was from a sermon by John Piper when speaking of Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd Jones’ influence:

“From the beginning to the end, the life of Martyn Lloyd-Jones was a cry for depth in two areas: depth in Biblical doctrine and depth in vital spiritual experience. Light and heat. Logic and fire. Word and Spirit. Again and again he would be fighting on two fronts: on the one hand against dead, institutional intellectualism, and on the other hand against superficial, glib, entertainment-oriented, man-centered emotionalism. He saw the world in a desperate condition without Christ and without hope: and a church with no power to change it. One wing of the church was straining out intellectual gnats and the other was swallowing the camels of evangelical compromise or careless charismatic teaching. For Lloyd-Jones, the only hope was historic, God-centered revival.”

Those words struck me. Light represents the Truth of God showing forth in the world which exposes darkness, and Heat, the passionate heart set aflame with the love of God by His Holy Spirit. My heart is aflame. Lloyd-Jones’ vision is mine. I long to see, and be a part of, that convergence and I’m convinced that the time has come.

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