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Just quoting…

Here are a few interesting quotes from authors I currently find a deep connection to. I hope they challenge and bless you as they do me.

C. Samuel (Sam) Storms;

“More than a few would point not to the lack of power, but to the abysmal theological immaturity in the church as the source of its struggle. I can’t argue with that. Biblical illiteracy and theological naivete have reached epidemic proportions in the church today. But more than knowledge is needed. Mere doctrine won’t suffice. What the church needs is truth set aflame by the power of the Holy Spirit. What the church needs is the divine energy of God himself bringing what we know to bear on how we live and how we pray and how we love and how we witness. And let’s not forget that teaching is itself a spiritual gift, no less a manifestation of the Spirit than tongues or miracles”

“The solution to the abuse of spiritual gifts is not prohibition, but correction”

“As hard as it may be for us, we must remember that the existence of a fake is not proof of the nonexistence of the real”

“The fact that healing is an expression of divine mercy means that it should never be viewed as a right. Healing is not the payment of a debt. God does not owe us healing. We don’t deserve healing. I believe we should have faith for healing. But there is a vast difference between faith in divine mercy and presumption based on an alleged right”

“Those of us who happily embrace the gifts of the Spirit need to honestly face the fact that too often people in prophetic ministry have been less than diligent in their study of the written Word of God and therefore less that competent to test and analyze what purports to be the spoken Word of God. Some have become so enamored by the sensationalism of spontaneous revelatory words that they have neglected the Scriptures…Others are so concerned about despising prophetic words and quenching the Holy Spirit that they bend over backward not to judge or critically evaluate what is said.. Some are so much in awe of certain prophets that the moment the prophets open their mouths the people put their brains in neutral, cast discernment to the wind, and never think about opening the Bible to see whether or not what the prophets are saying is really true. The result is that all sorts of flaky, unbiblical ideas get passed off as divine revelation. Worse still, people end up getting hurt, used, and manipulated, and prophecy itself ends up being mocked by those outside the church and minimized by those inside. This must stop. Let me simply remind you that the apostle Paul was in no way offended or put off by the Bereans who ‘examined the Scriptures’ to determine whether or not what he said was true”

Rich Nathan;

“An honest reading of the Scriptures and church history demands that we maintain an open attitude toward the work of the Spirit to renew the church. God is God and he does whatever he pleases in the way that pleases him. The mere fact that we feel uncomfortable, or that there is a mixture of wheat and tares, doesn’t mean God is not at work. But along with a posture of openness we must also exercise discernment. ..Do not put out the Spirit’s fire; do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil… As a friend of ours has said, ‘A work of the Spirit cannot be quenched by discernment; in fact, discernment is necessary to keep the fire of the Spirit burning’”

“There is no inherent reason to trust human intellect any more than we trust human intuition…”

“In the Bible, the actual process of the Spirit prompting someone is never analyzed or described in detail. It is simply reported in a matter-of-fact, if frustratingly succinct fashion: ..The Spirit told Philip… These promptings of the Spirit come in various ways, with varying levels of intensity. If it is any comfort, the biblical figures to whom they are given typically respond with uncertainty. When young Samuel heard a voice calling his name, he assumed it was the voice of Eli the priest. It took three tries and consultation with Eli to discover that the voice was the voice of the Lord. That’s one reason this form of revelation is called subjective revelation. It’s not cut and dried, not the subject of unmistakable outside verification or replication in a laboratory”

Doug Banister;

“I am not aware of any healing ministry in the history of the church that rivals in power and drama the healing ministry of the Apostles. There was something unique and foundational about their ministry. The often-heard charge is true: nobody does healing today like the apostle Paul. But must we conclude from that that God is done with his healing ministry? No one preaches as Paul did, but we still preach. No one evangelizes as Peter did, but we still evangelize. No one heals as the Apostles did, but we can still pray for healing”

“If signs and wonders did not devalue the Word for the Apostles, why would they devalue the Word now? No one has every preached the Word more powerfully than the Apostles. Yet God chose to confirm His words through them with attesting signs and wonders. The argument is frequently made; ‘The apostles needed that in the first century. Those gifts passed aware because the church didn’t need them anymore’. The suggestion that the church does not need them any more implies that the apostles needed more help than we do in preaching the gospel! If the apostles, with their tremendous spiritual gifting and ministering to a world that was still filled with eyewitnesses of the resurrected Christ, needed the help of signs and wonders, don’t we need them too?”

R. T. Kendall;

“In a vision a few years ago, it seemed I could see the Lord standing as He stood before Joshua. In His hand He held the sword of God. I said, ‘O Lord, whose side are You on?’ And He said, ‘I have not come to take sides; I have come to take over.’”

So, what about you? Do you have a favorite inspirational quote that just connects with where God have you right now? Please share – leave a comment!


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